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Why choose Whiteley Clinics?

Learn about Whiteley Clinics and why you should choose us

Whiteley Clinics introduced non-surgical varicose vein treatments in the United Kingdom when its founder, Professor Mark Whiteley, performed the first endovenous (non-surgical) varicose vein operation in March 1999.


Uniquely, we offer high quality keyhole varicose vein surgery using our own protocol, which stems from decades of research and has culminated in bespoke treatment plans for all of our patients. We have now performed over 20,000 minimally invasive or ‘Keyhole’ procedures following The Whiteley Protocol®.

  • All treatments are walk in walk out and performed under local anaesthetic
  • Scans are thorough and performed by dedicated Vascular Scientists/Sonographers who, together with the Consultant Vascular Surgeon or Consultant Venous Surgeon and Consultant Phlebologist, ensure a complete and personalised treatment plan is devised with the correct underlying cause of the varicose veins being identified
  • We can claim to have the lowest possible rate of recurrence in varicose veins that it is possible to achieve, thanks to our research and treatment developments
  • Recognised as the leading international centre for the treatment of pelvic vein reflux (including varicose veins of the vulva and vagina)
  • Inventors of the TRansLuminal Occlusion of Perforators (TRLOP) procedure for perforator vein closure
  • The world famous Whiteley Protocol® is endorsed by published research
  • Our excellent patient satisfaction results which are published
  • Compliant with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines (CG168)
  • Registered as a Care Quality Commission (CQC) clinic
  • Recommended in many media publications, including Professor Mark Whiteley named ‘Best for veins’ in the Tatler Good Surgery Guide